Unix Tip
How to find out what rights exist on any given host: '/usr/local/bin/sudo -l'
How to sudo 
/usr/local/bin/sudo su - abc
To find process
 /usr/ucb/ps -auxwww|grep abc|grep user
 How to find file in current dir (.)
 find . -name "abc*.log" -type f
 To see 20 largest folders on disk use the following:
To check the memory  procmem
To check the memory prstat -a
to see the disk space
df -k .
To kill a process
to see the process: type ps
to kill the process: kill -9 PID
to see the node manager:
ps -ef|grep -i node
to check string 123 in all log files sorted
grep -h "123" *.log|sort
How to empty a file
cat /dev/null > abc.log
How to see file/dir size
du -sh abc.log
du -sh /home/kedar
df -h /web/myole
How to extract 
 jar -xvf SABC.ear ABC.war - extract
 jar -tvf swe_static.war | grep Display.jsp
 jar –uvf

application server hardware and software configurations :
Below commands can fetch the required details of the particular server
uname -aX
psrinfo -v
prtconf | grep Mem
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