Interview Zone
You must prepare your self with following
1.Know how to add logger
2. How to write jUnit
3. know about thread safety
4. Differnt design patterns
5. How to improve perfomance
6. How to read write property or file
7. Debuggin skill
I need to do following 
1. Remove all exception
2. see if design is correct or can be imporved
3. put synchronisation /thread safety
4. Improve perfomance
5. Add logger
6. write cache (differentiate between frequently used
never used on client machine and add junit for all scenarios
This is round 1!! if you pass than they will call for interview... not sure what lies ahead!!!



How you will store username-telephone number in collection

How you will store multiple telephone numbers associated with user

What all methods you have in Java Object (Super class)

What is the significance of equals and hashcode methods in java class

How you debug the code


Runtime polymorphism example and where does that exactly happens in overriding method.

How you will create threads in java. When you will go with extends and when you will go with runnable 

What is the use of Java Extends and runnable implementation

Write sample code that starts 2 thread

Can we directly call run method instead of start

What happens when we say thread.start()……… 

Which state thread will be in once we say thread.start

What are the different type of access levels you have in java. Tell the difference 

What all scopes are there in jsp

How you will add a variable in session

If you put some parameter in session , how you will track that it has changed in session

How you will connect to database...write the code

What is database driver?

What is jdbc many types of driver you have in java and what are they

Do you know Hybernate ? Tell me few features of hybernate


Tell me about servlet lifecycle

What is the difference between Generic servlet and http servlet

How you will handle multiple users in servlet

Tell me about threads

Tell me difference between Get and Post method

Tell me thread lifecycle

Where does lock exists in thread?

What all collections we have

What is the difference between send redirect and forward

How you will call different domain url from your application

Tell me about collections

What is spring tell spring flow

What is difference between application context and spring bean

Tell me the life cycle of spring bean

What is application context and what are various ways to instantiate it

What is IOC and what is AOP

What all modules you have in Spring

Tell me how struts 2 flow 



I have an xml file. It is storing information about the classes. Now I want to get these classes from xml and write it into a File using parsers. Tell me how you will proceed ?

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